Most of us aren’t swimming with the dolphins year round, so it’s helpful to have ways to stay connected with our fun-loving, soulful friends. Listed below are a few ways that you can do just that! We hope that these will help you envision your future dolphin swims with us in Bimini!! If you’ve read any of these and would like to chat about them, we would love to hear from you!

“Swimming with Dolphins” A Healing Experience    Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
“How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins”    Deborah A Frenette
“Dolphin Connection”    Joan Ocean
“Dolphins into the Future”    Joan Ocean
“Dolphins, Dreams and Healing”    Rebecca Fitzgerald
“Call of the Dolphins”    Lana Miller
“Dolphin Tales”    Capt Scott Smith
“Dolphin Healing”    Horace Dobbs
“Journey into the Center of Creation” Entering the World of Dolphins & Dolphin Dreamtime    Ilona Selke
“In the Presence of High Beings”    What Dolphins Want you to Know    Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill
“Riding with the Dolphins”    Erich Hoyt
“Dolphin Dreamtime”    Jim Nollman
“The Magic of Dolphins”    Horace Dobbs
“Dolphins, ETs & Angels”    Timothy Wyllie
“Dolphins, Telepathy and Under Water Birthing”   Timothy Wyllie
“The Music of Dolphins”    Karen Hesse
“The Dolphin Ones”    Sananjaleen
“Dolphins”    Tsuneo Nakamura
“The Wisdom of Dolphins”    Yoder & Benton

“Dolphin Divination Cards”    Nancy Clemens
“A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards”    Nancy Clemens
“Magical Mermaids & Dolphins”    Oracle Cards Doreen Virtue PhD

Additional Connections: The Mysterious Island of Mikurashim



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